Long, thin planks attach four wheels running around the playground equipment.

Long, thin planks around the four wheels rides runs sweet, stiff and flexible are two types of. Surfing enthusiasts in a calm sea without waves surf surfboard when he could not rush up the land gradually became its full strength in the form of a skateboard.


Wooden, usually concave board mounted on four small wheels; it is guided by body movements. Device that connects the wheels to the board; it enables the wheels to change direction.

트럭 (truck) 바퀴를 보드에 연결하는 장치. 바퀴의 방향을 바꿀 수 있게 해준다.


Small round object that turns on an axis so the board can move backward or forward; its diameter and durability vary with the activity.

바퀴 (wheel) 보드가 앞뒤로 움직일 수 있도록 축 위에서 회전하는 작고 동그란 물체. 바퀴의 지름과 내구력은 활동에 따라 다르다.


the flat part of a skateboard, on which the rider stands. 덱 (deck) 스케이트 보드의 평평한 부분이있는 라이더 스탠드.